Walking My Child Into Her Class
September 10, 2013
Walking My Child Into Her Class

Dr. Laura,

My daughter will soon be 8 years old.  When I take her to elementary school, regardless of what my schedule holds that day, I always walk her into her class.  I carry her backpack, open her car door, and open the door to her classroom.  We hold hands and at times walk along the curbs, balancing with our arms out. I surprise her at lunch once a week when my schedule affords the time. I pick her up as soon as school is over.  We go on adventures as often as possible to fun and interesting places and so far we have done hundreds of them in her life.

We get to school early because traffic can on occasionally make us late.  When we get there early, we sit in the car and listen to her CDs and talk and discuss her thoughts about whatever is important to her that day.

Most, but not all, of the mom's who take their kids to our school drop them off, but do not walk them in. Most, but not all, of the dads walk their kids into class. I see many moms who bring school-age kids and preschool kids just drop them off at the curb.

I think that I am a much better father because I am older. I would have been a marginal father had I had kids in my 20s or 30s because I was too focused on my career. I think it is sad that so many parents, (mothers in particular because they tend to be the primary care givers at home) have no sense of being a parent. It is virtually impossible to come across what I would deem to be a good mom... Moms that I run into are not playful, not interested, not engaged, not thoughtful, and not patient.  It is discouraging to listen to them talk about their children and what a burden their children are.

When I hear them talk about childrearing I am reminded of a Mark Twain quote...
"It's not what you don't know that makes you a fool, it's what you know that ain't so."

I'm not sure how you manage each day.  You must be frustrated with parenting skills presented.  Thank you for your perseverance.  Generally, I learn something new each day that I can apply to my life. As you teach me, I teach my daughter, and so it goes...


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