Not All Girls Are Pigs
August 11, 2014
Not All Girls Are Pigs

I think it is ironic you posted a blog titled, "Girls as Pigs" on July 14th which just happens to be the birthday of an amazing, very un-piggish young lady a.k.a. my daughter! 

I am happy to say that you are partially to blame for my daughter being a treasure. Years ago, after listening to your program, my dad told me to put off dating until my daughter was 18. I did and it protected her from the chaos of me being too emotionally and mentally wrapped up in a guy to pay attention to her. I stayed home with her as a divorced mom from the time she was 7 until she was 13 and even then I only worked part-time. She is now 21, a virgin, waiting patiently for a man who will respect her enough to honor her by getting married before having sex. She is modest and doesn't wear sleazy clothes because that is what I modeled for her.

Which brings me to something that needs pointed out... these young girls need moms to model what being a lady is all about! Our daughters need us to pay attention to them, to tell them they are beautiful, to tell them they are a treasure, and tell them to keep themselves covered up.  They need us to stop farming them out to schools and day care centers where they are ignored and left to their own devices!

For the record, I know at least four young ladies in the 20-something age range, who are not pigs.  So, fellas don't give up! 

Thanks Dr. Laura for making me be my daughter's mom!







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