TRUE Parents
December 17, 2013
TRUE Parents


I am a true mommy and proud of it! My husband and I have been married 25 years, have 10 children, and are our kids' parents! I work part-time as a RN and my husband is a realtor. We work around schedules so when one of us is working the other is home. We never wanted the kids to go to day care and actually wanted to raise them. They attend Catholic grade school and high school that requires time, talent and treasure upon admission and we gladly pay tuition every month. Our children are kind, respectful of others, honest, great students, and most importantly HAPPY. They know that Dad and I are always there for them and whatever the problem or situation we will work it out. By no means are they perfect, they can be sassy and laundry is never done, but we have not had any major issues to date. This may sound like I am bragging or putting my nose up in the air to working moms, but I truly believe the happiness in our home is because we have stayed home to raise them.

I heard a caller "complain" about caring for her daughter without her husband's help. She giggled and said when both parents work, day care is what you get. Well it isn't a law that I am aware of.  It may mean not as many dinners out and not many extras, but it ends up being priceless.

I didn't have a "mommy" I had a "birth mom". I was never a priority to her and that's ok. Maybe I am a little over zealous because of it, I hate when parents say "That's how my parents did it."  Or "I didn't know any better, my mom did it." Well they are even more wrong! They know what it is like to be a kiddo and to feel scared or alone.  They know better than anyone! Now that I am a mom I can't imagine anyone else doing those things for me. I complain about laundry and swear I just bought milk, but then I laugh and am glad they are home to drink the milk and take endlessly long showers everyday!

We have a son who just married and all 9 of his siblings were in the wedding. Our oldest daughter loves and cares for special needs children in public school and swears to change the system! We have a son with special needs who is a junior in college when experts said he would never go to 'normal' school, and our next daughter is a sophomore in college on full scholarship because of her academics and service to our community. We then have 2 in high school, 3 in grade school and thank God I still have a baby at home! He is 4, but our baby. I hate when the kids go back to school and the kids hate being around me when back to school comes around. I really hate when the college kids go back, but it feels so good when they are so happy to be home. Our senior in high school teases the baby that he will have to go with him to college because he will miss him too much. My husband has been a great "role man". I call him that because he truly loves and cares for us and I couldn't be happier!


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