Making New Priorities
October 22, 2019
Making New Priorities

I've been a listener for the last six months.  My husband and I are what some people say is the "exception to the rule" in that we lived across the street from one another growing up, and we've been in love since we were thirteen!

Fast forward 23 years, and we're married and still in love.  As we were driving last night, we mentioned to one another how the past six months have been different in our marriage - good, but different.  We both agreed it was thanks to you!

We don't have any problems, but I think subconsciously I've made changes and put more effort into the marriage by listening.  In the mix of children, work and family, I think we were putting our marriage at the bottom of the list.  Now, we consciously make it our number one priority.  We do simple things, like taking a walk or going to get coffee - just a way of making time for US.  I love him more today than ever! 

I do have a favorite bit of advice I've heard you give, but I have not yet tried it.  It's in my back pocket for a future time, and my husband giggles every time he hears you say it.  I think "flashing your husband" is the best advice out there, and I look forward to when I truly surprise him with that one!

Truly thankful,


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