Being A Stay At Home Mom Is Serious Business
June 1, 2018
Being A Stay At Home Mom Is Serious Business

Hi Dr. Laura:

Recently, my seven-year-old son outgrew his stash of underwear.  Knowing he has become very particular about the type of underwear he prefers, I sat down with him to find out exactly what kind he wanted (I also hope Tommy John creates a children's line soon!).  After talking with him, and showing him options online, he made his selection.

When the underwear arrived, I put it in his room to find as a surprise when he got home from school.  As I was making him a snack, I heard a tear-filled voice urgently cry "Mom!  Come here, please!  NOW!!"  I found him sitting on his bed, surrounded by the different underwear with tears streaming and a very sad face.  He looked at me and said "They're not right.  The new underwear is BROKEN!"  I stood there confused, as these were the exact multi-colored pairs he'd picked out.  So, I sat down and asked "Honey, help me understand.  What exactly is broken?"  He looked at me, and picked up each individual pair, saying "Well, every single one is broken.  The red pair doesn't smell like strawberries, the blue one doesn't smell like blueberries and the yellow one doesn't smell like bananas.  The bag says, 'Fruit of the Loom,' and NONE of them smells like any fruit at all!"

It took all I had to not smile and laugh, because to him, this was very serious business.  I put on my serious face and said "Oh dear.  You are right."  And because you, Dr. Laura, have helped me to understand the importance of being a stay-at-home mom, I was able to spend the afternoon with him explaining that underwear doesn't smell like fruit, helping him with his homework, and having a Nerf gun battle in the backyard.  I can't thank you enough for these moments and memories.


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