How To Be a Real Man
May 30, 2017
How To Be a Real Man

14 years ago I found your show. You taught me what it means to be a real man. I divorced my wife for all of the Three A's. She was addicted to prescription pains meds, she was neglecting our daughter, and had an affair with my so-called best friend. 

I gave up my dream career, truck driver, took a factory job on 3rd shift so I could be there for my daughter. Now she's 19, and a wonderful young woman. It scares me now to think what would have become of her had you not been on the radio teaching, nagging, and occasionally, unbeknownst to you, chewing me out. Many things you said hit hard in my head. After many sleepless days and nights worrying about money, wondering what I was going to do, how I would make it work. We made it.

Thank you SO much for doing what you do. When things are tough, just remember you ARE making a difference, you ARE saving children. The ripple effect from the pebble you threw in the pond will be felt for many generations. Thank you just doesn't seem enough. Love you mom.


P.S. Throw Mikey's toy for me, please.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM