Being a Strong Woman
December 13, 2011
Being a Strong Woman

Dear Dr. Laura,

I heard your commentary about how women should spend their 20s becoming confident and competent...Amen sister!

I goofed and was married at 21 to an SOB, then married again at 27 to another SOB (But I have no kids - I am not THAT much of an idiot). Now, at 35, I am married to a strong, wonderful man who loves me and takes care of me (and I take care of him). He wakes me up with coffee and a kiss, packs my lunch and supports everything I do... His mother must have been a brilliant woman (sadly she passed before I met her). I get it now...if a woman loves herself, has confidence in herself and is prepared to be a good partner...good things will happen. I am sorry it took me so damn long to listen, but I am glad I finally got it right!

Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas!


S. (a hardworking high school administrator, married to an even harder working high school teacher)

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