May 13, 2010
Model Naomi Campbell in Trouble Again
IconNaomi Campbell is at it again.  She allegedly (that's for legal purposes) bopped her driver hard on the back of his head, which thrust his face into the steering wheel.  He called the police; she ran away.  No charges were filed... again! She's been accused of violent outbursts since the Nineties - money is paid/so-called anger management is had/community service is requested - but because she's a "supermodel," the money/hype/power behind that has kept her from the appearance she should be making:  in JAIL, JAIL, JAIL.  Ultimately, there have been no consequences that make a difference to her, and her sense of entitlement has grown to huge proportions.Some background on her I found on the Internet:  her father abandoned her and her mother at birth; her mother abandoned Naomi for a show biz career - Naomi was even involved in show business herself at a very tender age.  I can't be sure without knowing her up close and personal, or from psychiatric work-ups in the anger management sessions she supposedly had, but she sounds very much like she has borderline personality disorder .  That does not mean she is insane.  She's perfectly competent and aware of her actions and knows right from wrong.Personality disorders are consistent patterns of behavior that negatively impact relationships and work.  People with borderline personality disorder are impulsive, unstable in their moods, and have chaotic relationships (where they go back and forth from "love" to "hate," depending upon whether or not they are getting their way).  They tend to see things in extremes:  all good or all bad.  They also typically view themselves as victims of circumstance, and take little responsibility for themselves or their problems (which is why they generally don't improve).Their histories show abandonment in childhood, a disruptive family life, poor communication in the family, and sexual abuse.  Consequently, they experience feelings of emptiness and boredom, and displays of inappropriate anger, impulsiveness with money, substance abuse, sexual relationships, binge eating, shoplifting, and more.They don't tolerate being alone, which brings me back to a reported quote by Ms. Campbell published in 2006 in the UK's The Independent: "Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue, and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness." It's sad, but the reality is that if there had been serious consequences for her behavior (rather than her being allowed to dodge prison time), then she might be more careful with the well-being of others.

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