Why Men Don't Court Women Like They Used To
February 1, 2019
Why Men Don't Court Women Like They Used To
Men do not court women the way they used to thanks to the feminist movement! Suddenly, women were supposedly insulted if a man tried to open the door for them, pay the dinner check, and help them with their coat! Women somehow felt threatened and confused this behavior as not being "equal" to a man.

Poor men, these days don't know if they're coming or going! These are some of the wonderful things in life that we should treasure as being women...to be courted, respected, and protected by our men! It does not mean they see us as beneath them or less-important. It means that they see us as being on a pedestal of sorts and want to prove their worthiness to us! Young women these days should learn to appreciate this and use this behavior as a compass in determining what kind of man they really want to spend their time with.


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM