Taking the Time to Show He Matters
August 12, 2013
Taking the Time to Show He Matters

Dr. Laura,

My husband is a very simple man. He is very "low-maintenance" and it's the little things that make him happy. What little I have to offer is not only wanted, but very important. It was only after reading one of your books that I was able to learn and understand some things about a man's needs that I did not comprehend before. Your book was a turn key for me in my married life. I feel fortunate my husband loves me and considers me his best friend.

One of the things he has said that is important to him is that we work together through issues. Some of those issues have been hard, such as what we endured following the suicide of our first and oldest teenage son. We are parents to six children. Watching each of my five remaining children grieve in their own individual way was probably the hardest thing for me to endure.  But with the help of some very good friends, wise counsel, God's instruction and grace, we got through it and continued to press forward TOGETHER. As of this year, we will have enjoyed 33 years of marriage.

My husband has demonstrated to me that he is trustworthy and is my eternal companion and best friend. He is the best thing to ever happen to me. I've learned that it's important to communicate effectively - and this is probably something that will take a lifetime for us to learn to do, but we continue to work on this TOGETHER.

Although in life there are no guarantees, I believe that even in today's world, a good marriage can still happen, but it's important for one to discipline, commit and invest.  Discipline and devote yourself to your husband. Commit and invest a little time and attention to HIM - and yes, that means both physically as well as emotionally. My husband tells me often that he loves me. He hugs me a lot and makes me feel special even when I can barely stand myself. He has proven to me that I can trust him. By my taking the time to show him that he matters to me, I have been richly blessed.


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