Teaching Them To Do The Right Thing
November 14, 2016
Teaching Them To Do The Right Thing

Just wanted to share a little tradition we do with our grandchildren. Every year at this time, we take them to the dollar store. They go and pick out items that the homeless might be able to use. Hand warmers, gloves, hats, toothpaste and brushes, crackers, Vienna sausage....anything that we can find that can be used. We buy small gift cards t
o subway and pack up everything in a plastic baggie.

We then drive to downtown Colorado Springs with kids in tow. (They range in ages 7 to 12) we walk around and give out the bags to homeless men and women living in the streets. My husband and I want to help these kids understand how very lucky they are, and to teach them compassion for those less fortunate.

We always have a long conversation on our way home about how hard it would be to sleep in a park or under a bridge in the winter. We can only hope that these small gestures will mold them into caring, unselfish adults. Love listening to you Dr. Laura. You have always reminded me to try to always 'Do the Right Thing!'

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