Southern Accents Can be Tricky!
December 6, 2019
Southern Accents Can be Tricky!

When our children were small, we were driving six hours from Maryland to upstate New York.  At the time, my son was in the first grade and was really into the "rhyming" game.  I would say "cat," and he would say "hat" - you get the picture.  After about 30 minutes, I ran out of rhyming words.

As we passed a cornfield, I said "corn," thinking that my son would say "horn."  To our surprise, he yelled "porn!"  My husband said to him, "what kind of word is that?"  And he said, "Oh mommy uses that word all the time!"  Of course I had to ask: "WHEN does Mommy use that word?"  And my son said, well, you know, when it's raining - it's "por-un."
My southern accent still gets me in trouble to this day!  Hope I get to hear you laugh when you read this!



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