My Family Paid the Price
October 31, 2017
My Family Paid the Price

I have been listening to your show for quite a while. Recently it has been religiously. I have two children, a 14 month old and an eight-year-old.

For the past year I have been working part time for additional income for our household. Thanks to you, I realized how much it was hurting our family for me to be away from home and not being 100% a wife, mother, lover and caretaker. I have been having a really hard time trying to juggle too much and it has kept me from being my husband's girlfriend and my kids' mom.

My husband came to me last Saturday (after a particularly stressful week) and asked I put my two weeks in at my job. I found it amazing that almost instantaneously I had the biggest weight off of my shoulders. I also find it awesome how unbelievably appealing my husband has been to me ever since he took back his role and asked that I do the same for myself! Yay! I now have the energy to do everything I should be doing for my husband and daughters.

Thank you for your insight!!


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM