May 13, 2010
The Foundation for A Better Life
IconThere is very little broadcast television that matters, but there is a lot of broadcast television that tears down morale and morality.There is one ray of persistent sunshine - the one minute spots produced by The Foundation for A Better Life.  These are the most touching, moving, elevating, lovely video essays you can imagine. The one I saw in the middle of watching the 5:30AM morning news showed a ferocious scene of a very physical professional hockey game.  The scene then shifts to the locker room where all these sweaty, huge and muscular macho guys are getting ready for the next game.  One of them is on the telephone, trying to hide his face and voice from the rest of his buddies.  He's clearly uncomfortable, but doing what the person on the other end of the phone is asking him to do:  sing the "itsy bitsy spider."  The scene cuts to his little daughter giggling with delight as Daddy sings to her while Mommy holds her on her lap.  Daddy finishes the song, and tells his daughter he loves her.  He hangs up to find his buddies surrounding him and doing the hand motions of the itsy bitsy spider going up the water spout.  He says "Hey, it's my girl - my daughter," and all the guys smile like crazy.It's just so lovely.  The Foundation for A Better Life has a website - check it out at .  Look at their archives.  Be touched and moved like me, and be elevated in your mood as you try to survive the moral decay of our society.  There is a light!

Posted by Staff at 1:08 AM