We Are All Made From Little Pieces
November 17, 2016
We Are All Made From Little Pieces

Today I was listening when you were talking about your glass and silver art. You mentioned that you just can't throw away the pieces of glass left over after making an item.

I love and collect cobalt blue glass. I have fruit, perfume bottles, vases, etc. - probably 100 or more pieces on glass shelves in my kitchen bay window. Several years ago, one of my daughters gave me a cobalt blue glass cross for my window. It was made up of odd shaped scraps of cobalt and other shades of blue glass. It is beautiful. The artist had a short poem on a card attached which said, "we are all made from little pieces put together to make us a whole gift from God." Just thought you could use your scraps to do the something similar.

Love your show and have been listening for more years than I can remember.



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Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM