If You're Struggling In Marriage, Ask Yourself This
March 25, 2019
If You're Struggling In Marriage, Ask Yourself This

Dr. Laura:

I've listened to you since I was a little girl, sitting in the middle of a strawberry field hooked up to my Walkman!  You've been the key to my having a great marriage.

One day, as you were talking to a woman who wasn't enjoying her marriage, you asked her if she was being sweet.  You repeated the question "Are you being sweet?"  That stuck with me.  Since hearing that, any time I feel upset or frustrated, I ask myself "Am I being sweet?"  It always turns my attitude in the right direction.

Recently, I sent my husband a text message - a very sweet text!  That evening, a friend of his came over and discussed marriage problems he and his wife were going through.  His comment to us was "I wish my wife were as sweet as you" as he gestured in my direction.  It made my whole day, and I knew my husband was proud of me.  

So thank you, Dr. Laura, for keeping my marriage sweet.  We have two little boys and have been married for fifteen very sweet years!  You're the best.


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