Why My Husband Asked Me to Home School Our Kids
December 8, 2014
Why My Husband Asked Me to Home School Our Kids

I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys and wife to a sweet, smart, funny man. When I first met him he could hardly read or write, even though he was intelligent and capable, so I couldn't figure out what was going on.   

He said that in his school, the teachers never wanted the boys to act like boys. He was held back because he didn't learn like others, put on Adderall for ADD and was made to feel stupid by his teachers. The solution in his child mind was to just become what they thought he was, a dumb, ill-behaved boy. I was able to convince him that just because he wasn't taught these things did not mean that he was dumb. With a little practice and patience he could still learn. 

We're now married ten years. He's a great provider for our family. He's confident, well-read and has become a world history buff. He finally understands that the school system failed him. They didn't have time for his special needs so they stuck him with all the kids with behavior issues. He asked me to home school our boys so they don't have to experience the same humiliation and mistreatment that he did. He wants them to be proud that they are boys and grow up proud that they are men. While my insides quivered at the thought of homeschooling (not something I had planned to do), I said of course I would do it. Why? Because he is right!

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