Mommy Pressure
January 20, 2017
Mommy Pressure

Dr. Laura:

Despite having listened to you for many hours while pregnant, when my son was six months old, I put him in part-time daycare.  The pressure from "mommy" magazines and friends who considered themselves experts on child rearing was strong.  Horror stories swam in my mind of kids who suffered social development disorders and academic challenges early on, all because they didn't have the "advantage" of having experienced daycare from an early age.

Then one day on a hunch, I popped in early to pick him up.  He was in a crib, on his back, screaming.  The two pacifiers in the crib with him weren't his, and two of the daycare workers in the room were sitting at a little table in the corner enjoying their coffee.  I picked him up, walked out, and filed a formal complaint.  My child never saw the inside of a daycare facility again.

He's now ten years old and is confident, social, and a well-rounded kid who loves to learn and is actually a great public speaker.  He has a six year old sister who has never been in daycare and neither of them suffer from any type of social anxiety.  

Please, please continue to urge new and seasoned mothers alike to stay home with their children.  There is no substitute for a solid, safe home.  Daycare doesn't make successful adults - adults caring for their children first and foremost do.  


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