Little Reminders
July 1, 2019
Little Reminders

Dr. Laura:

You helped me through the teenage years with my three children.  I never forgot that your mantra at that time was "I am my kid's mom,"  and I'm thrilled to have recently discovered you again on SiriusXM.  

My husband was talking about sending me flowers because I'm such a great wife.  I laughed and told him to thank YOU, Dr. Laura, because you reminded me that I need to be his girlfriend.  He thought that was great and said "Well, maybe I should send the flowers to Dr. Laura instead!"  We both appreciate your reminders to be our spouse's girlfriend or boyfriend.  And I can't tell you how many times I hear your voice in my head telling me to "do the right thing!"

Thank you.


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Posted by Staff at 11:59 AM