Should I Tell My Ex the Dog Died...
August 23, 2012
Should I Tell My Ex the Dog Died...

Dr. Laura,

I want to thank you again for taking the time to speak with me today about my Ridgeback that passed a few months ago and whether or not I should tell my ex-husband of his death.

I called my ex-husband a couple of hours later and gave him the news; I had started writing an email but I felt like it was the chicken way to go, and that I owed him a conversation for the mutual love he had for one incredible dog.

The conversation was short, cordial, sweet and in the end I felt like a chapter in my grief process was complete; it was a beautiful gift I never expected would come from this act.

Please give your pups a hug from me and I'll give mine the same for you!

Below are their pictures.   The 3 Hooligans are the ones still with me.  The lone dog photo is of my dearly departed big buy. This was the last photo taken of him. We volunteered as a therapy dog team for almost 3 years and we both loved it. The number of lives he touched while he was here on this earth is insurmountable.


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