We Need Real Heroes
January 28, 2013
We Need Real Heroes

Dr. Laura:

I watched the Oprah interview with Mr. Armstrong. Let me just preface here a bit by telling you that I teach court mandated anger management to groups so I can spot remorse with both eyes blindfolded.

This interview had no remorse. It was too calculating, too prepared and too staged on his part.  He said his biggest regret was standing down from his foundation, (and so he should have and I feel very sorry for all he duped there too).  But when his son accepted his "explanation" without question because Lance was his dad, that wasn't his biggest "ah-ha" moment.

He needed this interview to further what he wants to do.  He's only sorry he got caught. He needs years of psychotherapy for his narcissistic personality. He was playing Oprah and not once could I ascertain any true emotion.

He should be held as an example of one who apologized for convenience.  He doesn't get the magnitude of he deeds.  He cannot empathize with those he's hurt and to me that makes him psychologically dangerous. Kids need to learn from this.  They need to look at heroes who are real and work hard, not just make money off endorsements. Look to your local police officer, firefighter, pastor, grocery clerk, shelters that help the homeless. Those people are true heroes.

Thanks for the rant


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