Christmas Gift Ideas
December 7, 2012
Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi Dr. Laura,

My husband and I are really trying to give gifts of self this Christmas, partly because we're on a tight budget and partly because it's more in the true spirit of Christmas. I really thought long and hard about what we're going to get our family this year. I thought your readers might like some of these ideas:

For my MIL: Volunteering at a local shop that supports community charities in her name.

FIL: Volunteering at his favorite radio station pledge drive in his name.

Brother 1: His favorite chocolate cake, made into 2 smaller cakes so he can freeze one.

Brother 2: Making homemade spice mixes (taco seasoning, chili seasoning, Italian dressing mix, etc.). He recently went gluten-free and is having trouble finding mixes without wheat.

Sister-in-law: Designing a layout for their wedding album. She doesn't enjoy or have much time for this type of thing (There's 500 photos).

Mom and Dad: Donation to a soup kitchen in their names and also getting all of my stuff out of their basement.

Sister: We're going to get manicures together before Christmas as a gift to one another.

I'm still working on the rest of my list, but this Christmas I feel much more peaceful and happy with gift-giving already.

Happy Holidays to you and all of your listeners!


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