Men vs. Boys
October 21, 2011
Men vs. Boys

Hi Dr Laura

As a Facebook user I see lots of feminist posts. My granddaughter's step-father (her father, my son died 7 years ago) posted this on his page. I was impressed, and wanted to share it with you. Sounds like something YOU would say!

Boys ask questions… Men give answers!!!
Boys play house… Men build homes!!!
Boys shack up… Men get married!!!
Boys make babies… Men raise children!!!
A boy won't raise his own children… A man will raise his and someone else's!!!
Boys invent excuses for failure… Men produce strategies for success!!!
Boys look for somebody to take care of them… Men look for someone to take care of!!!
Boys seek popularity… Men demand respect and know how to give it!

In support of the hard working family men and good fathers out there...The Real Men!!"

God Bless you for keeping me grounded!


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