May 13, 2010
Anne Heche Plays The Blame Game
IconI usually spend little to no time at all on the "celebrity" sections of Internet news sites.  Frankly, I don't care what celebrities are doing, except in a performance for which I pay good money.  Every now and then, however, something comes to my attention that does make me want to comment.  This time, it's about actress Anne Heche.Apparently, Anne Heche went on the Late Show with David Letterman and ragged on her ex-husband.  She made fun of him collecting checks from her (as mandated by the court as spousal support) following their divorce.Tacky, mean, vindictive and very self-serving.Not long ago, I took a call from a woman who was complaining about her ex-shack-up honey's girlfriend, (the "homewrecker" as she called her).  Here's the gist of how that call went:Me: Is this woman someone who took vows of fidelity to you?Caller:  NOMe:  Is this man someone who took vows of fidelity to you?Caller:  NO.Me: Is this man someone you simply shacked up with without a commitment?Caller:  YES.Me: Did you decide to create two children in this insecure situation?Caller:  YESMe: And you're mad at HER???While these two situations seem unrelated, they most certainly are related.  How?  When a person makes foolish decisions and then complains about the most typical, logical and predictable outcome, that is a person totally out of touch with the reality of life.  YOU make choices;  YOU should be willing to take responsibility for those choices and stop looking and acting as if you are an innocent victim of life's tidal waves.Anne Heche did a terrible thing to her ex-husband by humiliating him in public.  What did he do to earn that?  The court mandated the financial support.  I don't know the quality of choice she made in a husband, nor do I know what quality of wife she was.  All I see is that she is not classy, and that she takes no public responsibility for the demise of her marriage.Blaming everything and everyone else may be humorous if you do it on the Letterman show, but it doesn't speak to the truth (and ultimately, we all live with the truth).  She should have said nothing, or added "y'know, I have to take responsibility for my choices and actions here.  I don't like that a grown man is taking spousal support, but I have some responsibility for this marital fiasco too." Now THAT would be classy....and closer to the truth.

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