Thinking It Through
September 14, 2012
Thinking It Through

Dr. Laura -

Besides my faith in Christ, I know exactly one of the smartest decisions I have ever made and it concerned my family.

I was around 32 yrs old, married for 10 yrs, and my marriage was lifeless. I had 4 kids and things were tough.

An affair was looking attractive at that point, but I gave myself a sit-down. That road would include, who knows, lying, deceit, divorce, multiple ridiculous relationships?
Everything that I had said was wrong. Also, I was an adult child of divorce. I knew exactly what I would be doing to my children. So, I made a silent vow to them, that there was no man on earth worth ruining my children's lives for. And who wants a man who would disregard the welfare of children so he could get at their momma?
The kind of man I wanted would never look my way.

That vow kept my marriage intact, which turned out quite well by the way. My children, now adults, thank me and their dad profusely for sticking it out and not putting them through the trauma of divorce. I am very glad for that decision and thank God for it.

Your books have helped me become a better person/wife and I appreciate your candor which is desperately needed today.

God bless!


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