They Can't See It
November 22, 2016
They Can't See It

I have noticed that some of those people who are annoying or inappropriate when in a group of people, are those who had a real lack of love or security in their childhood. The ones I'm thinking of were unloved or mistreated. Since they were never exposed to this as a kid, they don't understand how to connect or censor themselves with others.

At times, these types of people can also be quite needy. To me, it seems as if it's a cry for approval and love. It is sad seeing their lack of inner security. I guess they need healing of their hurts and life skills to help them move on. They can't see it, but it definitely pushes people away.

I always try to be kind and directive where I can, within limits. If you're too kind, they can suck you dry. 


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM