'What A Baby Costs'
May 18, 2016
'What A Baby Costs'

I am not usually a fan of poetry. However, I enjoy the poems of Edgar A. Guest. Here is one of my favorites which I thought you also might enjoy.

What A Baby Costs

By Edgar Guest


"How much do babies cost?" said he

The other night upon my knee;

And then I said: "They cost a lot;

A lot of watching by a cot,

A lot of sleepless hours and care,

A lot of heart-ache and despair,

A lot of fear and trying dread,

And sometimes many tears are shed

In payment for our babies small,

But every one is worth it all.


"For babies people have to pay

A heavy price from day to day --

There is no way to get one cheap.

Why, sometimes when they're fast asleep

You have to get up in the night

And go and see that they're all right.

But what they cost in constant care

And worry, does not half compare

With what they bring of joy and bliss --

You'd pay much more for just a kiss.


"Who buys a baby has to pay

A portion of the bill each day;

He has to give his time and thought

Unto the little one he's bought.

He has to stand a lot of pain

Inside his heart and not complain;

And pay with lonely days and sad

For all the happy hours he's had.

His smile is worth it all, you bet."

To me, a good poem expresses my feelings with words I can't come up with on my own. This one expresses mine. I hope you enjoyed it!

Lieutenant Colonel Connors (Retired)

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