Remembering the Summers of my Childhood
July 16, 2012
Remembering the Summers of my Childhood

My favorite summer memory is getting my allowance for the week, which was 25 cents, and riding my bike, with my best friend, to the penny candy store and filling a bag with all the goodies the quarter would buy: cinnamon popsicles, 5 for a penny licorices, two for a penny packaged sixlets etc.  Then coming home and spending the rest of the day playing in the park that was just across the street or just lying in the shade, or roller-skating around the park, playing in the large cardboard boxes that appliances came in, getting all the neighborhood kids together on both blocks and playing kick the can or hide seek. Our wonderful bounty could even be shared because it always lasted until next allowance day. We had it made back then, we just didn't know it.

I hope I win the lottery some day so I can open up my own penny candy store so that most of the kids around here and my grand kids can experience that as well.


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