Show Him You Care
October 21, 2019
Show Him You Care

I recently heard your special segment asking wives how they stayed their husbands' girlfriends.  Unfortunately, my husband passed away, but here are three things I did to be a loving wife and make my man happy.

  1. Before we married, I was busy with work and volunteering, so I only saw my fiancé a few times a week.  I wasn't very demanding of his time.  He was quite nervous as our wedding date approached, and I asked him what he was afraid of.  He said "What if there's a football game on Sunday and then also Monday?  Will you let me watch both?"  I still laugh about that question.  We were married 20 years and I never ever asked him to turn off a football or baseball game.  Moral of the story:  give your husband some space to chill on his own or with his friends.

  2. My mother-in law lived with us for a while and she always laughed when I got dolled up once I knew my husband was headed home from work.  I'll never forget going to my first PTA meeting and seeing raggedly dressed, unmade up women with unkempt hair.  I was mortified that they'd let their husbands see them like that.  Moral of that story:  look nice for your man.  Show him you care enough about him and the relationship to keep the spark going!

  3. I always tried to be happy and loving.  No one is always happy, but if there isn't a major problem, I recommend women put a smile on their face, laugh, listen and just be loving and sweet. 

I still miss my man, but hold all of these memories very dear.


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