How to Beat the 7-Year Itch in Your Marriage
April 3, 2018
How to Beat the 7-Year Itch in Your Marriage

When the honeymoon phase of a marriage begins to wane, many people start to get restless and uncomfortable despite the fact that the mature part of the relationship provides security, warmth, friendship, commitment, and safety.  

Here’s how to beat the seven-year itch:

1. Figure out why the relationship is boring. Many couples feel like the relationship has become boring when really they are the ones who have become boring. They transfer their lack of enthusiasm about work or other aspects of their lives to the relationship, thus creating problems.  

2. Forget about having a perfect relationship. Nobody is perfect, and therefore, no relationship between two imperfect human beings is going to be perfect. Expecting to have a perfect relationship only puts stress on your psyche and the relationship itself.

3. Touch and talk. Express gratitude. Say sweet stuff out loud. Walk by each other and give little pecks on the neck or rubs on the shoulder. Talk to each other without constantly bitching about your kids, house, jobs, or in-laws.

4. Do something your spouse really likes. If you want to make the relationship more interesting, pick something your husband or wife likes and do it with them (even if you couldn’t care less about it). If they like cooking, go take a cooking class. You’ll probably have more fun than you think.

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