May 13, 2010
Empowering Men on Campus
IconA news headline from last week that said "Power Move By Male Students Ruffles University of Chicago" caught my eye.  It seems a group of University of Chicago students think it's time the campus focused more on its men.  The Chicago Tribune reports: "A third year student from Lake Bluff has formed Men In Power, a student organization that promises to help men get ahead professionally.  But the group's emergence has been controversial, with some critics charging that its premise is misogynistic." That is purely laughable.Recent job losses hit men harder - women earn far more bachelor's and Master's degrees than men.  There is a huge imbalance in government and private initiatives that advance the interest of women and girls (often to the direct detriment of men), like Title IX, which eliminates men's school sports when there aren't enough women interested in having a women's team of the same sport.The University of Chicago has nine women's advocacy groups on campus.  This group would be the first male advocacy group - and it welcomes women!  Get a feminist group to do the same - HA!  The group would host pre-professional groups in law, medicine and business, foster ties with alumni, bring speakers in to discuss masculinity, and mentor local middle school students as part of its "Little Men in Power" initiative.I read most of the 1,440 or so comments that followed this article in the Chicago Tribune , and saw exactly what I expected:  paranoid, hate-filled rhetoric, demeaning and dismissing men and masculinity, with no compassion whatsoever for what men have to confront in contemporary society (which is "angry minority orientation against the male - especially the white male.").  It should be noted here that this organization is pulling in men regardless of ethnicity, religion, or sexual persuasion.  It is just about men.  It's not about forming small, angry little groups that demand entitlement.  This is a group helping men succeed and regain a respect for their masculinity - something current culture and feminism has worked double time to destroy.You go, guys!

Posted by Staff at 1:06 AM