Kicking Into High Gear
October 11, 2017
Kicking Into High Gear

I am a stay-at-home mom, happily married to my Army husband.  While stationed in California, I experienced an extreme amount of stress and ended up gaining a lot of weight.  I truly believed I would never again be a size 8.  It was a really low point for me.

One day, when I was in the park pushing my young son in his stroller, I got out of breath and had to retreat to the house.  That was my turning point.  So I made the mental decision to kick myself back in gear.  I slowly started eating less and moving more.  Over the course of five years, I lost 130 pounds!  I am almost overwhelmed with my success and regret ever letting myself go in the first place.  However, I focus on the fact that I changed my whole life for the better and I don't beat myself up over it.  I'm off all blood pressure medication and other health issues have gone away with the weight loss.  

I'm now active, and play with my grandkids.  I play basketball, softball, run, ride my bike and walk whenever possible.  If I'm not moving, then I must be sleeping!  I want everyone else who may feel like I once did to know that it is not hopeless and not a lost cause!  If I can do it, then anyone can, if they're willing to put in the time and effort.  

Thank you for pushing the fact that in most cases, being overweight is really a choice, and if you put the work in, you can lose all the extra weight.  I've heard you say there's no excuse for being obese, and now I know you're right.  I am living proof that a total turnaround is possible, and I feel like a brand new person.




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