Being There for a Hug
September 12, 2012
Being There for a Hug

Hi Dr. Laura,

This week my 2 kiddos returned to school. My first grader (who is characteristically mature and socially well-adjusted) had a rough morning. Following the morning drop-off by Dad, he was quiet and tearful in class and was struggling to recover his emotions.

His teacher, who is a very compassionate woman, gave him a little time and encouragement, but finally called me to see if I could come in to give an extra hug. Because I am an at-home mom, I was available to meet him at school for a few encouraging words, a big smile and I gave him the hug he needed. He looked at me with a grateful smile, then trotted off with his buddies, and never looked back.

I am so thankful that I have a husband who values and supports my presence and my role in raising our family. My kids have the security of knowing their mom will always be present to support them when they have great days, as well as those days when they just need that "extra hug".

Thanks for all you do -

At-Home Mom to two great kids since birth! Yeah!!

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