Taking a Stance
February 24, 2020
Taking a Stance

Years ago, my ex-husband's brother dated a wonderful girl.  They were together for several years, and I loved her like family.  After I had children, she became a significant part of their lives and they loved her dearly.  She and my brother-in-law eventually broke up, not on good terms, but I refused to cut her out of my life.  I saw what a good person she was and chose not to let the breakup dictate my feelings.  It caused some problems for me with my ex-husband's family, but I stood my ground, and here's why.

One day you said on your program something so profound that I copied it down in my phone and carried it with me ever since.  You told a listener "there is moral value in standing behind good people.  Decent people stand behind decent people, regardless of whether they are family.  People who are not decent will never understand this."

I kept her in my and my children's lives and we grew even closer over the years.  Last year she was diagnosed with an incredibly aggressive form of cancer and she passed away at only age 29.  Because of you, I didn't miss out on knowing one of the kindest people I've ever met, and because of your advice, my children and I were beyond fortunate to have had her in our lives. 

Thank you so much.  Sometimes you have more of an impact than you know.


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