'Til Death Do Us Part
October 25, 2011
'Til Death Do Us Part

I was moved by the story of the long-married couple who died while holding hands.

My parents were married 65 years. They each experienced life threatening illnesses this past Spring. My mother was in the ICU and my Dad was on another floor on the medical unit. I was there with them. There were many times the nurses would call me from the bedside of one to see the other. Most of the time, one parent would become suddenly agitated and the nurses would be perplexed. However, once I told them my mother was having a medical crisis that same day (several surgeries and procedures) or my Dad the same, the nursing staff would shake their heads with understanding. They said they had seen that kind of connected spirit with long-married couples before as though they shared one spirit.

My dad died first and my mom followed the love of her life 36 hours later. Although they did not have the gift of a shared room to hold hands, it was clear they shared a love that time and hospital floors could not separate.

Mom and Dad had their funerals side by side, holding hearts. Their love was a gift to all who knew them and their commitment to each other inspiring.


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