It Wasn't Luck
November 13, 2017
It Wasn't Luck

Hi Dr. Laura,

I wanted to offer some advice to the woman who will do the right thing and stay at home and raise their own children. When I began working full-time at the age of 20, I knew I was going to be home with my future children. Thus, I began to save. I lived a wonderful single life, spent wisely, traveled, but always saved for those future children.

After my husband and I were married, and before children came along, we decided that all of my income would go to savings and that we would live only on his income. This practice showed us that we could do just that once the kids came along. Needless to say, when the babies started coming (4 babies in 5 years), we had substantial savings and we were accustomed to living on one income. We drove old cars, had old furniture, did not go on vacations, BUT, our kids were SURROUNDED by love all day long.

Advice to young women out there . . . save, save, save so that you, too, can be home with your children. People used to tell me I was lucky to be able to stay home with my children. I told them it had nothing to do with luck . . . it was love!

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