Growing Up In This Generation
October 30, 2017
Growing Up In This Generation

Hi Dr. Laura:

As a 27 year old born smack in the middle of this "self-esteem" and "participation trophy" era, listening to your program since I was a teenager has really made me examine how I was raised - how my parents, teachers, coaches and other important people interacted with me as I transformed into an adult.  

I was always told how smart and wonderful I was.  Consequently, I've spent most of my life doing anything within my power to avoid failure and risk.  In my head, I thought if I were so smart and wonderful and innately capable of anything, then there must be something terribly wrong if I CAN'T do something.  This is the lasting damage unnecessary praise and participation trophies can cause.

I've spent the last two years not dating, going to counseling and really trying to get myself to be the man I want to be before I choose someone to spend my life with and start a family.  There have been some hard things to overcome, both because of my own mistakes and because I grew up in this "interesting" generation.  That's why I want to thank you for the huge impact you've had on me - mostly in helping me realize what is really important and what really matters if I want to leave a positive imprint on this world.

Much love,





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