Road to Recovery for Addicts
June 22, 2015
Road to Recovery for Addicts

Dr. Laura, 

I was listening to a call from a gal who was drinking a bottle of wine every night. Your advice was for her to get in touch with A.A.  All her excuses were met by you with perfect answers. Not giving her sympathy/empathy is the best thing us addicts can receive. I applaud you. I am a recovering prescription drug addict. I have to say my husband, my desire to receive help and A.A. saved my life! 

I live in a relatively small area, we do have Narc-Anon, but a friend of mine was a member of A.A. and I decided to try that avenue. You were right, they do give you advice related to what you are going through. The caller needs to realize, she is not special; she is one of millions of addicts. 

My reason for this email, is I would like to say to that caller.... drop your EGO! Become humble! Realize everyone in those walls of A.A. are there for the same reason as you! You are not any better or any worse, you are an addict. The first thing you can do for yourself, is to say "My name is _______ and I am an alcoholic". Trust me, I understand that is one of the hardest things to say when your ego is still overshadowing your humility. Once I did, I started working the program, getting a sponsor, and hanging out with people in my comfort level, who could "A.A." me no matter where we are. I had 24 hours then 30 days, then 6 months, now I have 7.5 years and am so happy to have this. 

My husband was a huge part in my recovery. He is the first person I admitted I had a problem to. Was he angry, probably, but he didn't show it, he jumped in and helped me figure it out. He is my best friend, boyfriend, and the love of my life. I knew if I didn't get this under some sort of control, I could possibly lose him or he could lose me to death. are slowly and painfully killing yourself and making your family watch. Get help....swallow your pride, use your husband's willingness to help you! There is no EGO in recovery!

Thank you Dr. Laura. Listening to this made me realize just how lucky I am. I got help, am still living the A.A. life, and am so blessed to have such a wildly awesome husband and best friend! You are Aces! 


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM