We Need Strong, Educated Youth For Our Future
August 1, 2016
We Need Strong, Educated Youth For Our Future


As a college professor teaching freshman English and literature courses, it's been my experience that today's students expect an "A" just for showing up.  When I provide feedback on their work, if they perceive any criticism, they take offense and run to the dean, saying that I think they're worthless!  I've even had a student tell me that he can find the answers online, so cheating is okay!  

Not only are we crippling our children by building false self-esteem, but prior to college, they seem to have been taught only to take tests, and not to develop problem-solving skills.  Teachers used to have the respect of the community.  Now many school districts have numerous openings and teachers are harassed by parents and school boards.  These days, teachers are judged by how well their students do on tests, and their income depends on it.  

I am passionate about what I do.  I love when I see students discover the power of learning to think and engage in their own learning,  but we are stealing that important life experience form them when we make things too easy for them.  Thanks for keeping children at the forefront of your discussions.  We need to have strong, educated youth for our future.


Posted by Staff at 10:59 AM