Running Away from Home
April 14, 2014
Running Away from Home

Hi, Dr. Laura!
The hardest thing I had to get through was leaving my siblings ages 12 and 4 when I ran away from home when I was only 14 years old! My parents were drug addicts all my life. I was the oldest and always felt the worst of the "wrath" that ever came from living with addicts.  My father was physically and mentally abusive to my mother and my mother wasn't maternal at all!
When I was 13, I wrote a 4 page letter to my parents and held onto it until I built up enough courage to leave. I finally "cracked" right after my 14th birthday. There had been a major water leak in my father's bedroom and all his clothes were soiled. He told me I better have all of them washed by hand to his satisfaction by the time he woke up.  Knowing my work wouldn't meet his approval, and then what would come when he woke, I left when I heard his snores... It was in the middle of the day as cranksters don't have normal sleep habits. I put the letter in his door jam.  I asked my sister if she wanted to come, but she declined out of fear.  I grabbed my suitcase and left QUICKLY! When leaving I turned around and took one last glance at my little brother playing kickball. I couldn't say goodbye as I was afraid he'd run and tell. I had no idea where I was going.
I ended up at my grandparents but they said I couldn't stay because they were too afraid of my father. After a day I left and stayed at a friend of the families who had a foster parent license! I would cry, so no one would see me at night or in the shower, worrying about my siblings.
I went on with my life working 3 jobs and kept myself busy to keep my mind off things. I couldn't help my siblings until I helped myself first! Now I am a great mother of 3 and happily married!
Thanks for reading!

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