Other Causes of Childhood Stress
November 6, 2017
Other Causes of Childhood Stress

Hi Dr. Laura,

Thank you for addressing the topic of childhood stress on your show recently.

Our daughter cried a lot and was also extremely stressed. Sometimes we could only hold her and caress her as she remained inconsolable. After several trips to specialists, it was recommended we medicate her for anxiety and ADHD.

Instead, we asked she be tested for neurobiological causes such as Celiac Sprue, Sleep Disorders, and Thyroid dysfunction. Fortunately, my husband is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist trained at UCLA and CHLA. He has learned many kids with such disorders have symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.

The results of testing indicated our daughter had Celiac Sprue. Within weeks of implementing treatment, her anxiety and ADHD symptoms subsided. She is now a happy and successful teen who has a passion for helping others.

Based on our personal experience, I sincerely wish families were more aware of the neurobiological causes of childhood stress.

Warmest regards,


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