Evil Absolved
November 14, 2011
Evil Absolved

I wasn't raised Catholic, but my mother's ex-husband was. As a Catholic he learned one thing, when caught in an evil act, confess to a priest and he will absolve you of guilt.

"My" sperm donor left my mother for his secretary when I was 3. My mother, feeling rejected, was swept off her feet by a child predator. This man saw my picture on her desk and said, "I'm going to marry you!" I'm convinced he only chose her because of me. Why? He started fondling me the FIRST time I met him. He came to pick my mother up on a date and she let me sit on his lap. While she was watching, he began drawing me a picture. Satisfied, she left to finish fixing her hair and my hell began. I was 4. They married when I was 5.

Fast forward to when I turned 14. I had strep, and was at home from school watching Phil Donahue. A woman came on the program talking about sexual abuse. Until then I had NO IDEA what was going on, for I was initially told, "This is what daddies do," which eventually turned into threats on my life (with a gun), the life of my mother and my half sister, being told, "You better not tell, cause if you do, no one will believe you." How true that turned out to be. This woman on Donahue said, "Tell someone you trust." I first told my closest friend, who encouraged me to tell the school counselor. I saw that counselor 3 times, but could not work up the courage to tell, for fear I would not be believed. Instead, I told my mother. I should have known she would do nothing, since she saw one night, and closed the door, but initially she told me I could live with my grandparents. This was not to be. EVERYONE in my family knew, and NO ONE did anything.

Her now ex went to a priest, received absolution, and according to them, everything was "fine." After spending two weeks with my grandparents, I was brought back to their house and was made to sit in THEIR bedroom, facing this pervert while being told that I needed to forgive and forget. That he had received absolution, and did I have any questions for him? I was terrified and said nothing. That night I began dragging my dresser in front of my bedroom door. The abuse (sexual and other) stopped, however the verbal continued, and he fixed a way to watch me take showers.

When I was a senior, I went on my first date with a guy who worked with him. We went to a movie and then out for pie. While at the restaurant, the kid said, "You're a real nice girl." I said, "Thank you." He said, "Yeah, you know, your dad said I should rape you because he thinks you're frigid, but I'm not gonna." I excused myself and went to the bathroom and vomited. Called home and asked my mother to come get me, she refused. There was only ONE TIME I saw him after getting married. It was my grandmother's 75th birthday party. He suggested to everyone I get on the table and strip while we waited for our food. My husband nearly took his head off.

PERVERTS NEVER CHANGE! Divorced mothers should stay that way. PLEASE LISTEN TO DR LAURA!

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