I Found PEACE by Taking On Another Task
October 12, 2011
I Found PEACE by Taking On Another Task

Dr. Laura:

The following are the last 4 paragraphs of my journal entry:

PEACE in Homeschool?

Okay... here I went! We all raced to the teacher resource store, office store, bookshelf store. We went to the school for a meeting with the teacher and principal, and to the library for curriculum and supplies. I am THRILLED and so HAPPY this is my path. It feels so RIGHT. It took a lot of thought, sweat, sleepless nights, phone calls, research, discussions, praying and divine intervention until we made the choice to begin this homeschool journey.

Only 2 days into this journey I had an epiphany. I asked my six-year old, "So, after doing homeschool for a couple of days what do you like better: your old school or homeschool?" Without hesitating, she responded, "I like homeschool because I was tired of you rushing me around ALL the time." My heart stopped. I was living the 'hurry-up' lifestyle. I mean hurry up and eat breakfast, hurry up and go potty, hurry up and get dressed, hurry up and get your stuff, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. I hurried my six-year old to school and hurried her younger sisters up and out the door in the morning AND afternoon. I had to hurry up and interrupt naps, play dates, games, reading time, snuggle time, and just plain quality time to carpool my kid to this institution I really had “rough” feelings about.

As though I had been hit with a brick in the face, I realized I said “hurry” more times a day than I can count and LIVED it like a life philosophy. Let me tell you it is no way to LIVE. It is not the impression, the home, or the lifestyle I want for me, my husband, my home, or my children. I am now on the 12-step program for weaning myself off the word and the life of HURRY.

I immediately began telling everyone homeschooling was the greatest decision ever! I began using the word PEACE. I told my friends, my sister, everyone I finally had PEACE in my daily life I didn't know existed. I had peace in my thoughts, in my prayers, in my marriage, in my relationships with my kids, in my home. My mom went on vacation for a week only a few days after I started teaching at home. She came back and you never guess what she said, "Deanna you look more at peace!" I thought she was joking and had talked to my sister. No, she just came up with that on her own. Who knew taking on one more task would bring my such PEACE in my heart.

Dr. Laura, some of us require more nagging than others. Thanks for never giving up on us. You have worked in my brain for years on many important, core issues. ....simply,... thank.... you....


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