Making It Work
February 20, 2020
Making It Work

Hi Dr. Laura,

My husband and I have a 4-month-old baby. As you can imagine, our sex life has slowed down a bit. The other night we had some time to ourselves. We started to fool around, but I started to have an "emotional moment" about my new mommy body. My husband, however, told me how he still found me sexy, and while I was able to get past my breakdown, the moment was pretty much ruined.

Instead of letting it pass, however, I got things rolling again (because I heard you in my head!).  I knew how unfair it was to him, getting him all excited, with no end reward. And I knew we don't have many opportunities for intimate time. So, I pulled myself together and had some playtime on the couch with my honey! If I would've listened to how I felt inside, I would've put my clothes back on and gone to sleep, but I sealed the deal, because my husband and my marriage are important to me.

Posted by Staff at 8:03 PM