Corporal 'Roger That'
February 5, 2015
Corporal 'Roger That'

 Dr. Laura, 

Regarding the phone call from Corporal "Roger That"...three things: 

  1. His humbleness was beyond words - left me speechless...

  2. Too bad his son is only 12 years old as I could only hope my daughter will marry a man who has a father as such. She's 21 so that probably won't work.

  3. Thank you for a taking a break. You weren't the only one who needed to pull it back together! 

Thank you for all you see someone save a life is a remarkable thing.  I believe you not only saved a life, but a husband and a wonderful daddy for the years to come! 

Thank you Corporal "Roger That"!  You make me proud to be an American! 


Listen to the original call here.  

Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM