Working In A Daycare Turned Me Into A Stay At Home Mom
July 10, 2020
Working In A Daycare Turned Me Into A Stay At Home Mom

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 14 years.  Years ago, I worked at a day care center. Parents would stroll in with their sweats on like they just got back from the gym and complain because the TV was on. Some of these parents were teachers, and I know they would get off work at 4:00 but they would still squeeze in a trip to the gym and pick up their little one at 6:00. One woman said to her son, "Where do you want to eat dinner tonight: McDonalds or Denny's?" No home-cooked meal there. It blew me away and solidified the decision for me to stay at home. 

The other thing I saw at the day care center was the high turnover rate of employees. One 20-year-old guy called in to tell us he was going to be late to work because he had a meeting with his probation officer. No kidding! 

Now that most kids are at home, I know that my decision to be there all the time for mine was the best choice I ever made.  This is a season of my life that cannot be repeated, and I treasure every moment, watching them grow. Thanks for supporting us moms! We love you.

Happy to always be home with my kids,


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