A Rose by Any Other Name
April 16, 2013
A Rose by Any Other Name

Hi, Dr. Laura Schlessinger here, welcoming you to our YouTube channel and our question today comes from Patricia:

"I have had a lifelong issue that is slightly strange. My family does not call me by my given name 'Patricia."  They insist on calling me 'Patrice'. [My son's name is 'Deryk' and I still call him 'Boopy.']

I'm stressed out by this.  I am an artist and, at exhibits of my work, the gallery owners are confused as to what my name is.  One owner, a friend of mine, wrote under some of my paintings 'She calls herself 'Patricia,' with quotes around my name.  I was terribly embarrassed. [Why?!]  'My parents affectionately call me Patrice, my name is Patricia and that's how I'm going professionally.'  [I don't understand what all this sensitivity and confusion is about.  It's kind of cute.  Of course my son does not walk around calling himself 'Boopy,' but I do.]

I am tired of asking my family to call me Patricia.  It makes me feel like a clown when people think I am attempting to put on airs by 'calling myself' something, even when it's my actual name!  I've toyed with calling my family members by other names than their own so they know how it feels to have these situations arise constantly.

What should I do?"

Lighten up.  Patrice is the affectionate nickname your parents have for you.  You have a professional name.  Why you are overreacting to this affectionate call?  I mean, people are used to calling you "Patrice" by now.  What the heck is the difference?  Why do you put so much into it that you're embarrassed and putting on airs, and that they're trying to diminish you?  There are other issues going on here.  I'd like for you to write me again about the other issues of you feeling "lesser than" that you put so much into a name.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time and hopefully I'll hear from Patricia again.  This is our YouTube channel.



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