My Passion for Beads
March 21, 2013
My Passion for Beads
Hi Dr. Laura!

Long time Colorado listener, my children's mom, husband's girlfriend, and I chose wisely.  I love your show and want to share my story with you! I believe my happiness and fulfillment is a result of these wise choices (at the ripe young age of 40)!

I've been so blessed with a wonderful husband, whose profession has allowed me to stay home with 3 beautiful children (and 2 ill-behaved dogs)! I too am a beader (metal-smither, pmc enthusiast, resin crafter, etcher, etc). I'll try it all, but always come back to the beads. I started this hobby some 15 yrs ago.

When several bead stores in our area started closing shop, my husband had a brilliant idea (little did he know it would come to fruition). We took an old '69 VW bus and converted it into a "mobile bead store"! (We don't sell finished jewelry, just the supplies). It's "The Bead Bus!" It's so awesome and something one could only dream of doing. My girlfriends and I take it around to the local craft fairs, indie flea markets, birthday parties, etc. I think we spend more than we make but are making so many memories. My kids thought I was crazy until it was all cleaned up and "cool" looking, now all the neighborhood kids want rides.

One of my bucket list items is to bring the bus to California and camp on the beach (well, not really "camp"), but stay in a nice hotel while I get some pictures of it on the beach! We have to figure out how to get it to go over the mountains though.

Thanks for the many years of lessons, and outlook on life!

I'm getting ready to head to Tucson to check out the gem shows! It's my first time there and hubby is going with me for the weekend. He wants nothing to do with beads, but will go drive me to the shows, drop me off and go do his own thing. We'll then meet up for some nice dinners in the evening. I'm so excited to check it out, and especially to have a partner by my side! I don't know if you have seen the "Hey Girl" picture on the net going around about Tucson, but I'm going to try to send it to you or try to post it on your wall. I think it made my year!

Anyway, happy beading, hiking, pool playing, etc...and thanks again for showing me how to make the most out of every day!!!


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