I Tip More than My Friend
October 23, 2012
I Tip More than My Friend

Hi, I’m Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel…and my muscle car, Dodge Challenger.  Nice huh?  Red, two black stripes that go over the bumpers; very cool.  I took her on her first ride all the way to the desert, all the way to Las Vegas to see “Jersey Boys” [begins singing] “Sherry…”  Never mind.  I can’t sing.  Let’s just do your question instead:

“My friends and I tip 20% in restaurants, and when the check comes we look at the bill, calculate (silently in our heads) what we ordered and tip accordingly.  [Ohh…you divvy up what you ordered?!  Hmm…] There is rarely a conversation about the tip amount unless of course there is a problem with the service or food, or if we were given extraordinary service.

I have a friend who leaves a maximum 15% as a tip. While I don't have a problem with the percentage she leaves, it makes for an awkward end to a meal when she’s out with us, because she gives no consideration to our tradition, and is always questioning our calculations.

I've considered not dining out with her again [sighs], and will definitely avoid bringing her when I am with the 20% tippers. However, I would like Mother Laura's advice about the best way to approach her regarding this uncomfortable situation.”

Pay the extra 5% and call it a day.  Don’t make a deal of it.  Not everybody has the same amount of money.  They pay what they can; what they think is reasonable.  If the 20% means something more to you, which it should if you had particularly good service, just cough up the little extra dough and smile and keep your friends.  All right?  Don’t make a big deal about a small thing…not good.

I’m Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time on our YouTube channel.



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