Man's Best Friend
May 22, 2013
Man's Best Friend


Hi Dr. Laura!

I have been a long time listener to your show which has motivated me to take objective looks at my marriage from time-to-time...especially in how I treat my man.

We have a black Labrador who is joined at the hip to my husband when he is home. Before my husband even pulls into the driveway, the dog is already at the window barking and yelping. As soon as the door is opened she runs out to greet him, nearly tackling me in the process. I know that a dog is supposed to be a man's friend, but I wanted some of those warm fuzzies too. So I decided to begin greeting my husband in the same way as the dog. Now when his truck pulls in, I drop whatever I am doing and rush to his truck before he gets out. I let him know how happy I am that he is home and help him carry his things inside. He loves the special attention and warm greeting. It is a wonderful way to start our evenings together.

Thanks for being there, Dr. Laura, and for speaking truth to those who will listen.


Posted by Staff at 10:17 AM